40 meters square of perfection

40 meters square of perfection

Today I invite you for a tour to 40 meters square apartment in Ukraine. In this part of Europe 40 meters is normal to have apartments in this size and even for many people it is quite a lot and kind of dream to be an owner of soo much. This one was made very well and you can find here everything that you could imagine. Big and light kitchen, ask living room, place to work and what more also quite and light bedroom! And even if everything is in an open space, you will not feel it. What more that a whole apartment was decorated in very good taste. Definitely one of my favorite on.

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Apartment-Verbi-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-1   40-sgm-apartment-in-Ukraine-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-44Apartment-Verbi-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-2 40-sqm-apartment-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-1Apartment-Verbi-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-13Apartment-Verbi-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-3 40-sqm-apartment-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-240-sgm-apartment-in-Ukraine-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-1 40-sqm-apartment-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-3 40-sqm-apartment-with-modern-and-unique-design-for-a-young-family-5

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