Working in progrès

Working in progrès


This is my firs post in English, so I hope you will like it and you will forgive me my English because I am not native 😉

I usually work from my home or from my boyfriend house, who is livening on Stary Rynek in Poznań, but today I decided that I will work from Cafe.

I took my mac and I went out of house. I picked up the nearest one, that was just next to his house. It called Pod Nosem . I was here last time and drunk cappuccino ( very good one!).


I found out that it is a very good place to work. Not only great people works here (very friendly), coffee is great but also they have very delicious food. Everything in one place. I have chosen Kimbap ( vegetarian one).


What more? Music! It is perfect, well for me because it is exactly what I would listen from my Spotify list ( jazz, lindy hop, music from first half of XX century ).


Where is this amazing you will ask… it is on Żydowska Street in Poznań. Come and check it your self.




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