Hello 2017

Hello 2017

Happy New Year My Friends 🙂

I am soooooo glad that year 2016 is finally over! It was real nightmare! Everything that I know, finished… well… you know about this perfectly, because I wrote everything here.

But well..  I hope that this year will bring a lot of good opportunities and happiness. I am really open to new things, new people, new friends and journeys. In the end, new year is a new beginning. So I am ready and can’t wait what it will bring to me.

I am glad that all bad things, that happened last year are over. I am also trying to find positive aspects of situations that was going on in 2016. I learned a lot. I know what I did wrong, and what I could do more to avoid some of them. But what’s done is done.

Now I would like to tell you about a project, that my friend is making. She decided that each day, she will make something new. Try new things, do something that she never did befoxre etc. I think it is a great idea. She is writing about it on her blog. I invited you to check it.

I wish you that this year would be better than 2016:)


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