Fashion show for WOŚP

Fashion show for WOŚP

Last Sunday I have opportunity to took part into fashion show in Kórnik ( near Poznań), which was organized to help collect money for Wielka Orgiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. It is a charity organization, that collect money every year (already 25 years) to buy medical equipment to save children’ lives. It is very special day for whole Poland ( maybe not for our current gowerment… but for all good people from Poland, that want help and this year helped even more people to show our government, that they are wrong and we do not want give our money to church, like they do… long story…).

This time I will give you photos because they will better show how it was, than my writing ;).

So first backstage:

They are making my hair really straight – hate it.

I like my curly hair 😀

With my good friend Yuni  from Indonesia. She agreed to take part in the show. Thank you for that 🙂 You are beautiful :*

Quick photo, to show what I am wearing… the face of the boy tells everything 😛

last tips from girl, that runs the show and…

Verrrrrrrrry quick selfie with my friend Ola :* Lof you hehehe…. aren’t we wonderful and full of grace? 😀


Let’s go

I would say BRAWO to the fireman that helps models to get down through the stairs… otherwise it would be difficult 😀

Full team of wonderful girls. You are all beautiful and wonderful 🙂

And in the end of this day my sister came with her boyfriend and this tiny lady „Jadzia” Welcome into family. Such a pity that I could not keep her 🙁



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