The worst blogger ever

The worst blogger ever

I am really the worst blogger ever!

Every single time I am promising that since no one I will be writing every day or at least once in a week.

Well I failed till now. But who said that one day I will become more systematic? I still believe in that and I think it will be my goal for this year.

Last weekend I spend out of Poznań. I went with my girls friends to SPA (mountains) near Karpacz. We were staying in a beautiful palace with amazing garden. I don’t really like snow in the town, but in mountains it is just wonderful. All this views ! Stunning. I felt in love with it and I didn’t wanted to go back.

The weather was very good and we had a lot of fun. I didn’t lough that much for a while. We were going for a walk during a day and in the night we were parting in the palace.

I believe that all girls came back relaxed.

On our way back we went to Wrocław for a dinner. I haven’t be there since Valentines Day last year, when Mr P. took me there. It was great and I wasn’t even sad. I think that the worst time and depression I have over already.

It would be wonderful if we could go each month somewhere, but unfortunately for me I can’t go anymore because of decorating my apartment, so I have to wait like another half a year to rebuild my budget 😉


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